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Your coordination and ability to do a movement quickly while generating power. Having good coordination with your feet and being able to generate your strength vertically or horizontally makes a good athlete. 





Yes, being able to squat a lot does help you improve your speed and vertical jump but if you aren't quick or powerful while doing a movement, you aren't going to go far. It's real simple. Power = Force x Velocity. The amount of force you push against the ground and the speed at which you do it entails your speed and vertical jump. 




Max Peak gives you the opportunity to have a jump/speed coach for 12 months. I am excited to not just help you getting started with the program, but available to answer any questions you might have in the future too. Once you purchase the Max Peak program, I will email you back in 1-2 days to personalize the program according to your weekly schedule. I will also be available via email to answer your questions and to help you reach your potential! 



Growing up playing basketball, I was always amazed by watching people dunk. My friends and I went nuts whenever we saw someone dunking at the courts. It was unfamiliar territory but it always got us excited. I wished I could dunk but I stopped growing taller at the age of 13. My height was 5'6 feet but that didn't stop me from trying to dunk. I began to do a lot of research for years and bought multiple Vertical Jump Programs from Hoops, Alex Marako, Vert Shock, Jump Manual, Jumpusa, etc. but I was always dissappointed with the results. It was always the same old routines, and was never specific to my body type or strength. So I studied the science behind jumping higher and running faster. I experiemented with different workouts and was able to test out what worked and what didn't work. When I was 15, I ran a 56 second 400 meter and had a 25 inch vertical. Before graduating high school I ran a 52.7 second 400 meter and had a 30 inch vertical. I graduated College with a PR of 48.57 second 400 meter, 47.8 split in the 4x400 meters and a 36 inch vertical.


I'm still looking for more ways to improve and striving to be better. I'm not going to lie and say that if you buy my program that your vertical jump will improve immediately. But I will say that if you follow my guide correctly and work hard, you will improve your vertical jump. One of the good things about improving your vertical jump is that it increases your foot speed and quickness as well. Which is great for any athlete especially in sports like basketball, track, volleyball and football. 


I'm excited for you as you take this next step to improve your vertical jump, speed, or quicknes and just becoming an overall better athlete! The workouts have been used by all my athletes and have proven to be successful.  Once you purchase this product, I will email you in 1-2 days with questions about your fitness level and weekly schedule. I will then personalize the jump program just for you! I love helping people out and I want to hear your testimonials. Max Peak only costs $15.99 and I promise it will be the best investment you ever make towards your sports career. 









What makes you jump higher and run faster?


My friend Squats 200 pounds more than me but i can jump 10 inches higher than him?


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